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What is The Emotion Code™

A simple yet powerful energy healing method, created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, designed to help you find and release trapped energies that inhabit your body. The trapped emotions that may be limiting your ability to feel love and joy and to create success.
Emotions are energy and different emotions vibrate energetically at different frequencies. Lower vibrating emotions (such as anger and frustration) can become trapped when we are not able to process them fully and safely. These trapped negative unprocessed emotions can be referred to as our “emotional baggage”. They have built up from the past, yet they are presenting in the current moment as blocks to one's optimal health and happiness.

Trapped emotions can contribute to anxiety, PTSD, pain, lowered immune system, self-sabotage, grief, addictions, eating disorders and more which can all manifest as health issues. 95% of many issues, emotional or physical, are a result of trapped emotions. One example of this is a heart wall. A heart wall is an accumulation of trapped emotions which creates an energetic wall around the heart which can block people from feeling love and happiness and continue to make them feel disconnected from self and others.

By using muscle testing, we are able to quickly identify and then release these trapped emotions which allows the mind, body and soul to function optimally without pain and suffering.

Benefits from an Emotion Code session:
·  Experience more joy and abundance
·  Feel lighter & more present in your daily life
·  Better able to cope with stress and anxiety
·  More clarity
·  Release physical pain from the body
·  Become calmer, less frightened and more trusting in relationships
·  Become more confident, open and loving
·  Free yourself of inherited trapped emotions from past generations
·  Children can be healed of prenatal trapped emotions received at conception from either biological parent.
·  Free yourself of absorbed trapped emotions from others
·  Live a healthier and happier life
·  Create the life you desire

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