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ALIVE Intuitive Coaching helps you connect intuitively with the deepest part of your being and harness the divine energy within us all

Intuitive Coaching helps you achieve your goals and develop sustainable habits and behaviours through fostering the connection you have to the deepest part of yourself.  You can do this - we are here to help. Start feeling ALIVE today!

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Brendon Nowmack


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kimberly Shuttleworth

Founder, ALIVE
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Intuitive coaching

Intuitive Coaching helps you tap into the divine power that we all have for your soul's answers.  It takes you out of your head away from all “the shoulds” and drops you down into your heart where one’s truth resides.  By following your intuition and universal guidance, it allows you to get to the root of a problem and be able to break through blocks that are holding you back and causing stress in one's daily life.

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emotion code

The Emotion Code is a simple, fast energy healing technique to clear trapped emotions in your body which may increase anxiety, lower one’s immune system or contribute to self sabotaging behaviours.  By using muscle testing, we are able to quickly identify and then release these trapped emotions, which allows the mind, body and soul to function optimally.

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healing touch

Healing touch is a non-invasive biofield energy therapy that promotes healing and reduces pain and anxiety.  Through nurturing heart centered practices, it accelerates the healing of the body, mind and spirit of the individual which directly improves their health and wellness.

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What Clients Say

I am so grateful for the guidance and support that has come through Kimberly. Through her strong alignment and clear channeling she will challenge you and shine light on old beliefs, thoughts and patterns that are no longer serving. Her presence as a compassionate witness was felt deeply in my heart and allowed me to feel safe while vulnerable during the program. She has helped re-awaken and strengthen my trust and faith in myself. I am forever grateful for Kimberly and her gifts as a inspiring teacher, coach and healer.



What Clients Say

I didn’t believe what you did was real, and then you started working on me and I can feel you, and I know it’s real” Gray is an 11 year old boy that has had a hard time in school. Kim has been releasing emotions that have been trapped from experience throughout his life. Kim uses visualizations to help with this. For example an emotion was carried by a drone and driven by Gray away from him as it wasn’t serving him anymore. He had a rush of emotions afterwards for a few days and once it was fully released he became so much more gentle around issues that arose. He knows when he needs to have a session with Kim and will ask accordingly.

michelle L.


What Clients Say

I have always trusted the universe to put the right people and circumstances into my life at the right time. I am so grateful for the support I was given before, during and after my life-saving brain surgery. Through a combination of intuitive coaching, emotion code and healing touch, Kimberly helped guide me from my frazzled and fear-ridden state to a place of calm and positivity. So many people have asked me how I maintained my positive attitude when faced with such adversity. And my honest answer is…I truly couldn’t have found that inner peace within me without Alive and Kimberly’s gifted abilities!With a heart full of gratitude

Shannon S.


What Clients Say

I didn’t know that I had trauma stored in my body for years. I ignored every symptom and chalked it up to being a tired working mom. Then I started working with Kim, and she helped me realize that there were a lot of emotions trapped in various spots throughout my body. I recommend her to all my friends family and coworkers. There is never any judgement, and she makes you feel comfortable in opening up. When I first started working with Kim I had walls up, and didn’t want to reopen old wounds. Kim has helped me with gently releasing trapped emotions at a pace that doesn’t set me back or have me in bed for the rest of the day. Many tears have been shed, however Kim has helped me start healing from the inside out.



What Clients Say

Kimberly was so open and kind that I felt comfortable divulging my aha moments and my fears almost immediately. Her strength was her intuitive guidance. She always made sure that we were on purpose for our sessions. Kimberly has a gift and I wish our calls could continue every week.

Jen P


What Clients Say

Kimberly is a great coach and listener. She was enthusiastic about helping me to uncover things I didn’t realize listening to the audio program .

kelly w


What Clients Say

Kimberly speaks from her heart and is very good at helping others get clear around their Sacred Gifts. I felt supported and heard throughout the course

Kim m

meet your

intuitive coach

Kimberly Shuttleworth

Founder, Alive


Certified as an Intuitive Healer,  Health & Wellness Coach, Emotion Code Practitioner and a Sacred gifts guide.


Kimberly offers a gentle heart centered approach to every aspect of Alive.


Kimberly offers coaching and wellness solutions that are specific to helping each client achieve results catered to them.


Kimberly’s intention is to hold a safe, non-judgmental space allowing clients the opportunity for deep soulful exploration resulting in internal peace.

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