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I am honored that you found your way here.  
As you navigate ALIVE Intuitive Coaching Healing and Wellness I invite you to take a deep breath in through your nose and pause ….. holding for 5 seconds before exhaling. Set the intention to be wide open. Make a conscious decision to get out of your head and all the chaos up there. Instead choose to drop down into your heart space.   Be present and listen to the clues with your inner ear.   I mean after all this is the premise of ALIVE so why not start now?

ALIVE . Coaching . Healing . Wellness has been in the making for many years.

When I was a kid I was a spirited  and emotional being. I knew I was gifted intuitively however, I also learned quickly it wasn't safe for me to shine brightly.  Family, school, religion, and society taught me that it was safer to push my gifts away - so I did just that.  At the same time I tried really hard to fit into the “norm”.  The hard reality was that I was never going to fit in a box with the gifts that I had.  This caused me great pain and suffering to dim my light.

After graduating university as a kinesiologist,  I was employed as a personal trainer working with clients in their physical bodies.  I found that I wanted to go deeper to be able to empower and support clients to change sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs that were holding them back from reaching their physical goals. I was drawn to go back to school to become a  Wellness Coach.  I was trained to work with clients in the 4 components of the wellness wheel: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It was during this time that I fell in love with phone coaching and the power of it.

Life happened and I was forced to take a new perspective because the one I had wasn't working.   There were signposts along the way but I missed them.

·  Physically, my body started to break down.
·  First it was my lower back, at one point it.
·  Then I realized I  was using distractions to keep myself  feeling numb emotionally.
·  Mentally I was exhausted and spinning my wheels but getting nowhere and spiritually I was completely disconnected

I was in so much pain and suffering. I was forced to come to a full stop.  No more running. No more avoiding.
All of the external solutions that I used to use were no longer working for me.   I needed to go inward….That is where the answers were.
I turned to Intuitive healers and coaches and learned how to heal myself.  With each step forward, I became more and more in alignment with my soul's truth.  It was exhilarating as each cell in my body started to become ALIVE again!

During this pivotal time of internal exploration and growth,  I finally embraced my gift as an intuitive and stepped further into energy healing to become a healer. By adding the energy body as a 5th component, I am able to support clients on a deeper level.  To transition from pain and suffering  which caused confusion and chaos to a place of clarity and calm so that they may start to feel ALIVE again.

ALIVE with abundant energy due to less emotional baggage.
ALIVE with joy and happiness as you continue to align to your higher purpose.
ALIVE with the prospect of deeper connections & meaningful relationships

Alive Coaching . Healing and Wellness came to fruition to help support those who are struggling to heal wounds of the past which are affecting present day moments through energy healing modalities and intuitive coaching.

The purpose of ALIVE is to support people in their healing.  By moving from a place of pain and suffering, whether that be physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or energetically towards being happy, healthy and whole.

ALIVE coaching healing and wellness can support you in the process of awakening one's true self, embracing your sacred gifts, releasing your emotional baggage with the emotion code, strengthening your immune system, cleansing and clearing blocks in the chakras with healing touch as well as releasing any obstacles in the 5 bodies.    
I would be honored to support you on your journey towards finding your soul’s truth. So that you may be happy, healthy and whole and most importantly feel ALIVE!


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